July 12th, 1763

The last two days were awful indeed.
After rereading Harriet's letter more than I should have, I have now to face Lord C at the dinner table and try not to show my confused state of mind.

What is it suppose to mean, that he and my family in a way contributed to the ruin of Harriet's family? I am at a loss, but how could I ever find a way of asking his Lordship such a question; I wouldn't even dare to ask my parents...
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Letter from Harriet

*** Park, July 9th 1763

Dearest Emy,
I write this note in haste, just to inform you of our departure from my father's estate the mere minute we arrived. Clive is very upset about the treatment we suffered and quite determined never to talk to my parents again. I still can't recall what really happened. The whole house was in an uproar when Smidgeon announced our coach. My Lord and I barely had crossed the threshold when I heard my father roar we're never to set a foot on his grounds again. Clive sent me outside and the arguing began. I got a glimpse of my mother and sister behind the drawing room window and mother was clearly crying. I do not know what to think of it. Now, after we passed Wortham and retired for the night at the Cresford Inn, Clive had calmed enough to speak to me.
I am devastated my dearest friend, for my parents are ruined and the only money they could have had was my dowry. My father was furious about my 'hasty' marriage and that I had ruined him and all my family and the worst, he also alleges that you, Lord C and your family have their share in this affair; but neither Clive nor I have any clue about his accusations nor if there could be any foundation to it. We will go to Wortham on the morrow and ask for some explanations. Truly, there must be a mistake.
Please don't yet inquire to Lord C, as we have no real insight into that matter... I will write to you as soon as possible and remain

your affectionate
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