September 9th, 1763

This morning I received a letter from Harriet, who told me of her relatives bad behaviour and their subsequent return home. I immediately told Lord C about Max's absence from Wortham and he contacted his lawyer again, who is to inform him of any news to be got on Max and possibly the mysterious woman involved in the whole affair with Frederick.
I wanted to answer her right after breakfast, but Ms Susan caught me on my way to my desk and we went to the parlour discussing the dinner in her honour. It took all morning and my housekeeper was happy to return to cook to inform her of an elaborate scheme she would have only a day to prepare for. Nevertheless Ms Susans 'help' did help me and made me aware how I had neglected my housewifely duties.
The gentlemen were out, therefore we partook in a rather small repast, I had completely forgotten Harriets letter. But I did write a great deal, to Ms Susans amusement, though I could very well see her delight in advising me on how to see things in my house that needed my attention.
Thinking about it now, I see Leyland as my house, my household... my home I have to attend to... It is strange though.
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