Marriage Allegation

Marriage Allegation of Fitzwilliam Brougham Cartwright, of Leyland Manor, Leath, to Emmeline Grace Porter, of Wortham Hall, Allerdale below Derwent

Dated 15th May 1763

On which day appeared Personally

Fitzwilliam Cartwright

of the Parish of Leyland in the County of Leath, gentleman,

Thomas Porter

of the Parish of Wortham in the County of Allerdale below Derwent, gentleman

and did jointly and for themselves depose as follows to wit the aforesaid Fitzwilliam Cartwright for himself deposed that he is of the Age of Twenty four years and upward and a Batchelor and that he doth intend to intermarry with

Emmeline Grace Porter

of the Parish of Wortham in the County of Allerdale below Derwent

aforesaid Spinster a Minor of the Age of One and Twenty Years with the Consent of Thomas Porter, Father, lawfully chosen and appointed and that he knoweth of no lawful or impediment reason of any Precontract, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful means whatsoever to hinder the said intended Marriage of the truth of which he made oath and prayed a Licence for them to solemnize the said Marriage in the Parish Church of

Wortham in the County of Allerdale below Derwent.

And he, the said Thomas Porter, for himself deposed, that she, the said Emmeline Porter, Spinster, to the best of his Knowledge and that he is her Father and appointed by virtue of an Instrument under hand and seal and hereunto signed and as such that he is consenting to the above intended Marriage.

Fitzwilliam Cartwright
Thomas Porter

[I used a historical form I've found online. More infos on allegations and licences over at familysearch.]


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