Characters and Settings

at Leyland Manor
Lady Emmeline Cartwright, youngest daughter of the Porters, former fiancée of Frederick Cartwright, writer of this diary
Lord Fitzwilliam Brougham Cartwright, husband of Emmeline, owner of Leyland Manor in Cumberland (Leath), younger brother of Frederick George Cartwright, son of John Sargent Cartwright and Edyth Broughton
Lt.-Gen. Gerald Cartwright, older brother of John Cartwright and uncle of Fitzwilliam
Frances Reeves, wife of Gerald Cartwright and mother of Francis 'Frank' Cartwright
Francis 'Frank'Cartwright, cousin of Fitzwilliam

Leyland Village and neighbourhood
Mrs. Higgenbotham and daughter
Miss Bentham,Emmeline's friend
Sir Atherfold
Mr. Barrett, his wife, his mother, his sister and his brother-in-law Mr. Kettle
Sir Humberdross, his wife
Reverend Thompson

at London
Topper, the butler
Mr. Tredwell, the lawyer

at Harmondsworth Village
Maxwell Fairweather, Harriet's older brother
Sarah, her baby-girl

at Clarington House
Harriet Osberton, formerly of *** Park, Cumberland (Allerdale below Derwent)
Clive Osberton, husband of Harriet, owner of Clarington House, Gloucestershire

at Wortham Hall and neighbourhood
Mr. Thomas James Porter and his wife Emily (née Lawrence) of Wortham Hall, Cumberland (Allerdale below Derwent), parents of Emmeline Cartwright
Jeremiah Porter, only son of the Porters of Wortham Hall
Mrs. P, (née Annabella Woodbridge) wife of Jeremiah Porter
Timothy, their son
Patricia 'Patsy' Christie, née Porter, oldest daughter of the Porters of Wortham Hall, her children
George Christie, husband of Patsy
Lady Violet Tilbrington, nee Porter, mother of a son
Sir Harry Tilbrington, husband of Violet

Mr. Walker, friend of the Porters
Mrs. Drawing, her daughter Emmanuelle, friends of the Porters

Arthur Fairweather and his wife Jemima (née Pellington), Harriet's parents
Hester Fairweather, Harriet's younger sister


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