September 13th, 1763

I got downstairs before breakfast was served and went outside. After last nights storm the heat was gone and the air crisp. Without a destination in mind I went forward into the park. After a couple of minutes I reached a corner of a path leading into some kind of wood or high and wild shrubs. Behind the first wall of greenery was a ruin, of which I could determine the remnants of windows and a vaulted ceiling, all buried in greens. Once inside I knew it was a chapel, long forgotten and so very beautiful. Through a doorway on the opposite wall I entered a small graveyard overgrown by the wilderness. Though it seemed so close to the main house I never discovered this place before. Somehow I must have wandered to other parts of the park. Not knowing how much time may have passed and seeing the sky darkening again, I went back to the house. Everyone was at breakfast and simultanously to my entrance a servant came in to report he couldn't find me and started at seeing me. Smiling I gave him permission to leave and finally asked my husband to forgive my absense. He was then very curious as for my whereabouts this morning. I quickly answered but didn't wait for any reply but asked more questions on behalf of the old chapel and the graveyard.


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