Letter to Harriet

Leyland Manor, September 2nd, 1763
My dearest sister,
it is five days already since we're home. Your Emy was very busy visiting all the neighbours and we had guests on the day we arrived. Ms B greets you very warmly and hopes you are well. We had a charming night with cards and I returned many a visit to my ladies this week. Furthermore we are expecting a family visit. Lord C's aunt and his cousin Рnot the son of the aforesaid aunt Рare coming to Leyland and will stay for a while. He only told me on our journey hereto and sent me into quite some anguish about who they are, how they are like, if they will like me and so on. - But the most important news I have yet deprived you of. When we stayed at the Inn the night we left Wortham, we had to share one bedroom. You can believe your friend couldn't sleep at all. I was quite scared about this situation and wished it to be over. But it all came different in the end. When Lord C entered I had already changed into my night gown and went to bed. Jenna was in the closet next door. He went ínto his and his valet helped him change for the night. It took him quite some time and I think I fell asleep. But it startled me of course when I noticed someone being in the same bed as I. There was no fire and no other light, the room so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of me, but feel my husband next to me. - 'Emmeline, are you still awake?' - 'Yes, my lord. I... am...' - 'Can you turn around, please?' - I hesitated and felt the colour rising in my cheeks, but did as he asked. And he took my hand in his, Harriet, kissed it, drew me closer and kissed my forehead and my lips. Oh dearest Harriet! I never felt anything like this before! I was not afraid any more... He was so very warm and kept holding me close also after wishing me good night. I am so happy about, dearest! I believe it will change things considerably and I'm looking forward to it. I have a very good husband.
Yours affectionately,


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