April 30th, 1763

I visited Mr. Walker today. I waited for half an hour in the Parlour, went in search for him through the Hall, then into the Court and over to the kitchen, only to find out he is still in the Chapel; so I made my way back, found the entryway locked and had to go back through all the rooms again and out onto the main lawn and over to the Chapel. There he was, completely unaware that he had visitors. His staff must have forgotten to inform him about my presence he supposed. Then, ages later and back in the Parlour, his footman found us, out of breath and informed him that he tried to find him in order to tell him about his visitor; who, by the way, had found the master of the house herself.
When the poor man had left, Mr. Walker started grumbling a while over the footmen taxes he had to pay and didn't see why one Guinea per head and year still doesn't keep his estate up in perfect shape.
By that time and when the housekeeper herself brought the long anticipated tea, I had quite forgotten why I was there anyway. - When I made my farewells I fortunately thanked him for the wonderful evening we all had at his house and he was very happy to accentuate that sometime his staff does work as they are supposed to.


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