Letter to Fitzwilliam Cartwright

Bath, May 11th 1763
My dear Nephew,
I am very happy to wish you all the best and happiness to your upcoming marriage. I am sure the young lady will be a good wife to you as you described her virtues to me so expressively. Your cousin is not able to attend. He is a very sensitive boy not to leave his aunt when she is ill. We arrived at our accommodation in Bath last week and already the waters do me good. I thank you for your kind letter. You are a good boy! And you will be a very good husband indeed, as was your father to your mother, may they rest in peace.
It is your legacy now to care for Leyland, our beloved home and its inhabitants, and soon with a mistress too. Be kind and understanding. Many a young lady today is very drawn into romances and novels but aren't properly prepared for their role as wife and mistress of a house. I hope to meet your lady soon and wish you all my heart can wish you for your happiness!

Yours, affectionate aunt
S. C.


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