June 4th, 1763

Tonight we went to the Humberdross's little gathering. Lady Humberdross greeted us very warmly in the hall and we saw Sir H in deep conversation with Mr. Walker.
The night started with a meal, enlivened with music. After dinner the company retired to the drawing room, we passed an hour with tea, cards and more music - which enabled me not to listen to Lady H. After the gentlemen joined us the conversation turned to politics. Tired of too much to think about Lady H urged her husband to return to the dining room, which was now empty for the dancing part of the evening. The ball was made up with seven couples dancing, including Lord C. and myself. I haven't danced with him yet and it was quite an remarkable event.

We didn't talk, we just looked at each other and danced the dance. I was so struck by his smile and his touch. I couldn't but think what a handsome husband I have and how kind he always is towards me. We danced two dances for we are married after all. But it was already slightly scandalous. But in the country it was excused. So Mr. Walker told me when we were dancing. Lord C. had the 'pleasure' in dancing one with Lady H. I pitied him for the conversation she kept boring him with... After that I danced with Sir H and his Lordship with Miss Bentham which I liked. She is a fairy tale creature and so shy that it was her first and only dance tonight.

We had refreshments later and then went home.


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