May 29th, 1763

My dearest Harriet,

how are you? - I miss you very much. How do you do with your new neighbours? Is your husband already planning your summer trip? I can't wait to see you again! We have so much to talk about. How are the improvements going on? Are you satisfied with the architects work? Does the roof still leak?
By now I usually find my ways about the house. It is not that large to get lost in it. So far I'm quite well. Lord C. and I get along calmly and I'm very comfortable here, reading, playing the harp and the new piano. But still, I'm bored sometimes and miss our talks and our roaming the countryside. Especially Warton Meadow it is that I miss. What about you? But you of course have new surroundings to enjoy. Did you already go to the coast? Tell me all about it. It must be different in the south!

I'm sitting in my small parlour and enjoy the early summer sun. Later I'll go to see some new flowers in the garden and I might start again sketching. But I won't promise anything, my dear!
I befriended some neighbours and the ladies are very much to my liking. I'll see if I can help them with the Sunday school.

I have nothing much to write about and don't want to keep you from your work.
I send you a kiss and look forward to your coming to Leyland.

ever affectionate,



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