May 26th, 1763

One of the very practical matters about being newly married, and a very time-absorbing task it is as well, is looking through one's trousseau. Before the marriage had taken place I wasn't that interested in what was done to bring it about. But now, as a married woman - a quite bored married woman - I use my time in finding out what exactly is to be found in my wardrobe. Well, in the country one need not always be fashionably dressed, but I don't want to go about in out-dated clothes. I'm afraid my sister Patsy had her hands quite deep into the decisions of my wedded raiment. Let's see what I can find...

After I called for Jenna we started to categorize my wardrobe into those I really like, those I should wear for propriety's sake, those I don't really like but will wear when Patsy comes to visit and those which are seriously distasteful and will be changed into something... well, into some thing...


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