July 3rd, 1763

Today was the wedding at Littledale and I was more than surprised to see, that Lord C would be the groom's man of honour. I didn't expect this, though I should have had... The wedding breakfast was as fine as anyone could expect it to be, for the Littledales are very very wealthy. I didn't press any information of how much, but I daresay, they have about 15,000 a year...
The bride was more than lovely, the young Littledale even seemed to have cried a little. Their respective parents were very moved, her mother really crying as my mother did at my wedding. (Though I cannot imagine why! I should have been the one sobbing.) Lord C, next to the bridegroom, looked very handsome and maybe a little moved himself. - He didn't look at me for the whole event and only took my hand, when we went to the meal and later to our carriages. We haven't talked a single word since we're home.


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