July 4th, 1763

Harriets first week at Leyland is already over and I began to fear her taking leave for Wortham. The wedding at Littledale was a very fine one and impressing to both of us. Harriet had a very small wedding and of mine I won't like to think of. We didn't talk about any of it in the carriage on our way home yesterday. But when we were alone in my room to change and rest a bit, she immediately came upon the topic. Of course the Littledales wanted to show off. But what got on my nerves was the all over satisfaction; one both sides. It reminded me on my parents oh so urgent wish to see me tied to Lord C and gone.
Harriet told me to open up to him, to accept the fact that I am married after all and that, no matter what I think about it, Lord C seems to feel something for me.
- I couldn't argue with that. It is a fact nonetheless. I am just not getting why. Is he sort of masochistic in getting hurt by his wife all the time!?


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