August 23rd, 1763

Lord C has gone to Carlisle and took not only Mr O with him but also Jeremiah! What is this all about!? I do not think it connected with H's brother or Frederick – that cannot be... in Carlisle... He didn't say a word until after he had taken the other two gentleman to the stables and then I was noticed by servant! H is not to visit today. Her mother has taken her away as well. Now I am alone with my parents. Or rather my mother, because father had business to do and was to meet Mr F later this morning. I dreaded such an occasion ever since we came back to Wortham. My mother had nothing better to do, of course, than to question me like an ordinary thief caught by the high sherif. I suppose she meant well and thought herself asking me with all due sensibility about my marital circumstances. She had to ask, no doubt. I never answered her letter or those of my sisters. They were all just too curious. I were to if I had sold off my daughter to someone she didn't want to marry and see how she did in her new life. 'All is well.' I told her. 'He is the kindest of husbands and very unlike his late brother; thankfully.' And I didn't lie. Just spared a tiny part of the story...


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