August 21st, 1763

After a long and tedious day that included my having a birthday dinner, my husband and I repaired to our apartment in the old wing of my parents house. Despite it being the  most neglected part of Wortham I cherish the peace we are left in there; far away from the family. Our adjoining bedchambers were the only ones that were tended to by a servant from time to time. My parents seized to have guests many years ago and no one cared about the dark rooms with their mixture of Jacobean and Queen Anne furniture. There we sat in silence and I after one long hour in which I tried to read & Lord C contemplating while staring onto the floor, I must have fallen asleep in my chair. But I wasn't sound asleep as my husband might have thought I was...

Emm and Fitz at Wortham 21Aug1763 by Claudia Rothe 13Oct2010

(c) Copyright. This drawing is not yet finished, but it fits so perfectly that I had to post it.


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