August 24th, 1763

A moment ago my husband left my chamber. He just staid for couple of minutes. Looking out of sorts and horribly nervous, he gave me a small deep-blue box crowned by a golden bow. 'It is for your birthday my lady. I was unprepared to stay for so long at Wortham and had no chance of bringing your gift with me. But it will be at home by now.' he whispered, not moving from his spot. I realised he wanted me to open it. Oh! He is so generous. I do not deserve this! Reluctantly I opened the tiny parcel and the most wondrous little thing was hidden inside: a golden bracelet made of delicate flowers, each with a diamond in it's centre. Adjoined was a small pendant and my name engraved into it: 'Emy'. He took the box out of my hands, placed it on my dressing table & went on to help me with the jewelry. 'The pendant is a hook, Emmeline, to help you with your knotting. I thought you might need one... <pause & clearing his throat> … as Mrs Lewis stumbles over your crochet hooks at the oddest places.' and he turned such a shade of pink I had never before seen on a man's countenance. I very much tried not to laugh at his clumsy attempt and thanked him: 'My lord, you are too generous! I am often so thoughtless to leave my work all about the house and will beg Mrs Lewis to forgive me...' - 'Oh no! You will not do such a thing, I beg you! Mrs Lewis... that is... she...' And then I couldn't restrain myself and laughed (but very briefly!) and thanked him again, in a thoroughly tactful voice! And he understood, smirked and after a light bow, left my room.


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