June 25th, 1763

After the arrival of Harriet and her husband we had tea in the drawing room and when my dearest friend went to rest a while I joined her in her room. We talked about Bath and their journey to Leyland, which took them almost four days. When it was time for dinner I went to my own chamber, got dressed and presented myself in the drawing room. We had some tea again and Lord C joined us immediately engaging my friends husband in conversation and jokes – amicable as always and very sociable (curiously only in daylight...). We went upstairs, Lord C and Harriet and Mr O and myself – we two leading the way to the Dining Room. We had soup, fish and sweet pudding for the first course and roasted meats, fricassees and custards for the second. The dessert was completed with a fruit pie. Harriet and I left the table to prepare the coffee and tea table in the Drawing Room below. After the gentlemen joined us, we talked about their house and estate; Lord C very interested in Mr O's business and landed affairs. We had a light supper around 10pm and then went to bed; Harriet and Mr O clearly very tired after their long journey.


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