Letter from Harriet Osberton

Wortham, September 4th, 1763

My dearest Emy,

we fled from my parents house and the whole neighbourhood. It was not to be born anymore. My mother intruded upon us every day without any notice. The atmosphere at home is horrible and we decided to leave. It is very vexing, especially in my current condition. I know not for how long I could have hidden it from my mother or the whole family. My morning sickness is terrible and Clive did his best to keep anyone from me to keep the secret. Now we are on our way home to Clarington. Hester is to join us in town for the season, but I don't know if we go at all regarding my health... But they do not know of course. I will not tell them until the very least. - My brother is gone too. We don't know where. He disappeared over night and nobody noticed. His manservant was gone sometime before him, the butler informed us later... I'm very tired of it all my dearest and glad to go home. I will write again from Clarington.





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