September 5th, 1763

After dinner last night we spent the evening together in the music parlour; I halfheartedly tried reading while listening to Emmeline playing the harp. She teased me about my reading, 'for it must be a most boring volume...' I was so distracted with her fingers crossing the strings and producing such wonderful melodies, that I forgot about the text in front of me or turning the pages of the book. It is like spending time with a lady one is courting and not one is married to. She has been very charming these last two days and I hope it will last for my aunts visit.

After I came back from Atherfold's place on Saturday, I was welcomed by my wife, leading me into the dining parlour, conversing with me easily over dinner and spending the whole evening with me reading in the library. I had to dismiss my plan to talk to her and instead I thought about a walk around the garden tonight. But it was too chilly and again I had to postpone it. Tonight we had Mr. Kettle and his wife as guests and though we joined the ladies as soon as possible, there was no point in kidnapping Emmeline. It wouldn't have been appropriate anyway, but now it is me, who become's a little uneasy about my aunts soon arrival at Leyland.


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