September 8th, 1763


When I came back from the garden this morning and joined Mrs Lewis in the kitchen to oversee the planning of dinner, I was informed that Ms Susan had stayed in her room, partaking of her breakfast upstairs. I was to come to my room as soon as I was able to join her. Upon my entrance into her room I was greeted most affectionately and found myself confronted with a familiar chatter, I knew of Mrs Higgenbotham, but the topics were far more interesting than hers. Ms Susan lived in a world I knew not, a free mind roaming about Bath and doing what she thought best and what made her happy and kept her entertained. So she did over her hot chocolate, telling one juicy story after another (I wondered if Lord C would disapprove, but he wasn't attending anyway...) and gossip about the ton and marriage mart as well as the newest plays and books and exhibitions. When I stayed in town I had no opportunity to catch up with this world, being on a constant run after possible husbands led by mother or my sisters. Ms Susan had me captivated and I immediately liked her a great deal...


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