June 10th, 1763

This morning I received very disturbing news from Wortham. In fact, I just got letters from my family. Mother wrote in her eagerness for news about our marriage and how I liked the neighbourhood. Patsy wrote, too, giving me detailed instructions how to become a loyal wife. Even Mrs. P picked herself up and wrote a note accompanying my mother's letter. They were all implying that I must be very happy and, by now, a true married woman.
How audacious! They constrained me into a marriage I didn't wanted, thought themselves to be very clever in arranging this coup and now they want all the details, which should be of no interest to them. Most of all Patsy was inquiring after 'that night'. Patsy! I was so taken aback when I read these letters, that Lord C, sitting across from me at the breakfast table, peered around his newspaper and seeing my blank white face... I know not how long I stared at the sheets, but somehow I managed to retreat to my chamber and there I sit now. I have not the slightest notion in, first, how to answer, second, what to think and third, what to do with my status as a 'not-true married woman'...


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