June 8th, 1763

Three days we were planning and managing a little musical party at Leyland. It was the first larger gathering we had here since the marriage. Lord C. invited his closest friends of the neighbourhood and the most important families, which is not always the same thing. Our little assembly contained 27 people. The Great Parlour served as the stage for the musicians, the Music Room and our little Parlour, that we use to dine in, were opened as sitting and refreshing rooms. The Great Dining Room upstairs also was opened up for our guests and the people were strolling up and down. I was already exhausted before the evening even began. Lord C. was quite nervous, for he didn't know how I would deal with all the people and the pressure to play the perfect hostess. I was nervous myself. Neither Mother nor Mrs. P. ever liked to have many people at home. There were only a couple of guests and never a ball or the like. Although Leyland is a modern building, it is smaller a house than Wortham. Still, it seems grander now and then. It did especially tonight.

I think, in Miss Bentham I have found a dear friend. She supported me throughout the evening. Also Mrs. Higgenbotham and her daughter came and congratulated his Lordship for the wonderful evening they had.

He smiled at me very approvingly and I am afraid I want to see 'that' smile again. Something wholly depending upon my behaviour towards him. What am I to do!?


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