Letter from Harriet

'Bath, June 13th, 1763

Dearest Emy,
your darling Harriet sends you her and her husband's most heartfelt love from Bath. We stay here until the 17th and visit some old acquaintance of Mr. O. After that we will just stop by at home for one or two days and then continue our journey to Leyland. I'm looking forward to see you again my dear. It has been a very long time. We have so much to talk about. I sincerely hope your Lord and Master will take Mr. O to long rides and off to go fishing. I am determined to have as much time as possible with you.

Bath is very fashionable this time of year. Something you would expect to see during the season in town. But here it's on Queen Square. We also strolled down to the Circus. The houses are very glamourous. It's all about lace, quillings and flounce. Some ladies are very venturous and spize their attire with a lot of black accessories and trimmings. The old 'King of Bath's' time is still tangible. Also the countryside around the spa town is very worth seeing. You'll see, my dear, I'm already persuading you to join me here sometime. Maybe next year? What do you think?

There are also balls, musical evenings, plays and we had dinners every night with friends over at their houses or here. Mr. O let me drive the carriage this afternoon and we had tea at Prior Park. - Our home is still under reconstruction. We found some more minor leaks in the roof and it will take some time to repair that. My dear husband ordered some new furniture at the local craftsman and new wallpapers for our private rooms upstairs from a tradesman here in Bath. Oh so much to talk about, that my letter got even longer than I intended. Mr. O is waiting for me to take it to the post...

I can't await the 25th and seeing you, my dearest friend, in your new home.

Until then,
I remain,
your affectionate



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