June 19th, 1763

Last night was a torture. The humid air wouldn't let anyone find sleep. I finally got up at about 5a.m., got dressed (as lightly as possible) and walked down to the lake. When I came back, I saw Lord C by the window. (I think he didn't like the idea of me walking the park at this hour - but the breeze at the water was refreshing...)

We went to church after I got dressed more properly. Miss Bentham was happy to see me and told me the girls are eager to learn and will be very attentive and obedient pupils to me.
The first lesson was a very chaotic one, for I had no idea how much they already were capable of. In the end I had to find out, that some of those girls were more accomplished in bringing textile pictures to fabric than I could ever wish for myself. We then decided to start a small luxurious project. They lead a very penurious life and will probably never be able to purchase something beautiful like the ladies of the village or me. So I will offer coloured threads and we will embroider pockets. Some little extravagance nobody will see and therefore scold them for. Some little secret.

I wrote my letters after dinner today and then retreated to my withdrawing chamber to read Clarissa by Samuel Richardson - probably the longest story I've ever encountered (or will). As I was done with Pamela and went on to other kinds of books, I found a copy of Clarissa and her personal tragedy in the drawing rooms library. Let's see how much effort I will cost me to finish it. The library is quite large and Lord C. likes to enlarge it every time he comes to Town. There are about three hundred volumes, poems and plays. All bound in quarter calf with marbled borders. But I see it's master very rarely taking out books, than I see him add some... Lord C. is reading his morning papers during breakfast, which are always already on the table when he enters. So I presume he is so besieged by his work and estate businesses to find time reading his acquirements.


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