Letter to Harriet

Leyland Manor, June 15th 1763

My darling Harriet, how delighted I was receiving your letter. It diverted me exceedingly. You must have great fun. Your sparkling eyes and your dimples when you smile your sweet smile must charm every gentleman in your party at Clarington and in Bath. I heard that all fashionable women are wearing pink. Yes, indeed my dear Harriet, the news were also spreading towards us. What is this about black trimmings in Bath?

Summer in the country is very tedious. I can´t recall any summer so hot and I miss the coast. I miss you very much, too. You have to write to me very often in the future, telling me all details of your guests and what you do all day for entertainment. I spend my days very dull. After breakfast I walk a bit in the garden, then writing my letters and later play the harp or read. The time between luncheon and dinner I usually keep to my room, which is cooler than those facing the garden.
But you will see for yourself, when you finally come and be MY guest. I'm craving for your presence and think about the hours we used to spend back home at Wortham.
I will send this letter right to Clarington, for I don't expect the post to reach you while you're still so far away in Bath. Enjoy your time and take care of yourself on the roads north.

ever affectionate



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