June 17th, 1763

Tonight we went to the local assembly, to which we have been invited by Sir Atherfold. I had to promise we would attend. And so we went, although Lord C wasn't that excited to spend his friday night at the assembly rooms drinking tea. The dancing, too, is not very great there. So it was: Some were playing cards and drinking tea, others just walked around talking and flirting. As there wouldn't be a supper later, people came late because they had taken refreshments at home or at the inn down the lane. It was quite an informal event tonight, though there were some parties already outlining and keeping by themselves. Lord C. and I were guided to one of them by Sir Atherfold himself. We made up a group of 18 people. Lord C and I took a seat at the tea table with Mr. Barrett, his young wife, mother, sister and her husband. Others amused themselves closeby at one of the card tables, where Sir A. won again the game. His younger brother, sister, mother and her lady were sitting next to us at a different table watching the card group and the dancers in the next room, whom they could see very easily trough the huge open double door. It was a calm evening. The usual chatter. The usual music. Nothing really exciting. But better than staying home all day. I talked with Miss Bentham again and for most of the evening. She went home early, so did we. Lord C talked a great deal to young Barrett and his brother-in-law. I can't tell if he enjoyed his time, but he wasn't in a bad mood when we went home. - Unfortunately.


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