August 10th, 1763

We arrived at Brackenthwaite and wanted to take some luncheon and have the horses rest for while, when we were surprised by a heavy thunderstorm. It was uncommonly hot since last week and it was conceivable that it was to rain some time; but it poured down horribly and it was very stormy indeed. It didn't stop for hours and we had no other possibility than to while away the time inside the inn. We then arranged to stay for the night, as did many other travellers. Though our attempted destination was Cresford to meet the other gentlemen, we acquiesced ourselves into our lot. - It is the same inn, Lord C and I stopped at after our wedding and now we would have stayed there on our way back to Wortham. I wonder what it would have been like. Confined to this establishment we couldn't even send word there and inform them when they arrive. But we hope to continue our journey on the morrow and we'll try to catch them there at about midday.
Later today we had tea and some biscuits. - Why is it, one is always eating when bored or condemned to do nothing? - We had nothing with us to seriously occupy ourselves; not a book or cards or anything else. There wasn't any afternoon I can remember, when I was last so bored. After a while we had no topic of conversation which lead us, or better to say Jeremiah, around what I was really wanting to talk about and subsequently we felt into silence; which was again very awkward. But alas my Harriet had the good idea of engaging me into plans to go to Bath this summer and Jeremiah thought it a wonderful idea. I discretely tried to talk him out of his fast idea of joining us there with his family. Please! No summer holiday with Mrs P!!!


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