August 1st, 1763

When Nancy got up this morning to look over the linen in the storeroom, she must not have trust her eyes, as there was clearly some amount of her work missing.
I had it brought up to my parlour to mend my lords shirts myself. Though I am not at all talented in mending anything beyond past-time stitching, I'll try this part of housewifely duties now. - I also advised Mrs Lewis to let me look after her masters neck clothes and earned a not very skilfully hidden but still approving smile from her. (I don't know yet, if I should let her get away with it...)


  1. "Emmeline Grace Cartwright, neé Porter
    Gender: Female
    "Location: Leyland Manor : Cumbria : United Kingdom
    About Me
    I was born in 1742 at Wortham Hall, Cumbria. In 1763 I was married to Lord Fitzwilliam Cartwright of Leyland Manor."

    Of course, it wasn't called "Cumbria" in those days. Cumbria is made up of two former counties, Cumberland and Westmoreland.

    Your blog is very clever and intriguing. I'll be back to check it out more closely when I have time to enjoy it fully.

  2. Hello Jean,

    Oooh... how mortifying! *head-put-into-sand*

    I haven't thought of that at all... I will change that immediately. Thank you so so much for telling me. I'm still learning about English History by writing this blog.

    And thanx for stopping by and hopefully coming back!


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