August 12th, 1763

Fortunately I had the good sense of taking my journal with me on this mission. And unfortunately this affair must be solved discretely, otherwise I would have asked Littledale for his help. But in this case it is Mr O who decides about the procedure.

I am glad we found Mr. Fairweather and I am also looking forward to be home again (in the near future). Going to Wortham is not actually an event I am looking forward to; but at least we have Jeremiah on our side. It is Emmeline I am worried about, as she is not even inclined to write to her family and the letters I receive on her account are not very assuring of the Porter's benevolence towards us; or me, in this case. - I wouldn't dream of isolating her from her family and J supports her attitude of being somewhat angry with them. Alas, he is now convinced of my worth being her husband, which hadn't been so at the beginning. I can understand his prejudices, as my brother was not a very gentlemanly fellow. I won't give up hope, that my wife will come to that conclusion herself one day...

We will reach Cresford tomorrow night and Mr O and I will have Jeremiah to support us with Mr F, who becomes more and more nervous by getting closer to Wortham. Mr O is a bit anxious of Maxwell trying to flee, but I think as a former soldier I will just knock him unconscious until we're there. I want this to be over and I want to see my wife again. It is strange to be away from her, though we're not exactly together at home. She took over her part as mistress of our house and that.............................. well, I'm beginning to over-estimate what I hope will come out in the end...


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