Letter to Harriet

Leyland Manor, July 13th

My dearest Harriet,

since I got your note yestermorning, I have read it a dozen times, and though I am glad you immediately informed me of what had happened I am more confused and concerned than enlightened.
I cannot wait til you may write again and have to ask you for more particulars about what your parents said and what Clive could tell you later.
It all must be a misunderstanding! did you see your brother or is he still in town or wherever? he must know more about it, as he was the one in the first place to be surprised about your marriage and disaproved that your parents did not object you chosing for yourself. My mother told me, it is your sister now to make an even better match - but how could her portion be lost too and your brother's inheritance? You both had it inherited by your mother's uncle and my father always wished he could give all that is his to Jeremiah and we girls could have had such an relation as your mother... Forgive me, I am only kind of quoting my father... - Well, I know that J was very happy about Annabella having a nicely sized dowry. And Patsy, and Violet too, went into their marriages as quite well-portioned brides. I know nothing specific about my marriage contract, but when my father, J and Lord C signed it, I took the opportunity to take a glimpse on what I am worth. It was a very different sum than in Frederick's agreement; I only know that because I heard J scolding my father about him throwing his youngest daughter to the wolves and this remark made me fear Frederick more than ever before. So when that marriage didn't take place and it was talked about me marrying his brother and then you suddenly marrying yourself... how can it effect your family's fortune!?
Your Emy is going it over again and again and through all likely possibilities, as surely you both did as well. I am anxiously awaiting your next letter and hope everything was only a mistake.

ever so affectionate,
Emmeline Cartwright


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