July 27th, 1763

Finally. A note from Lord C and Clive of their arrival at our London town house.
And I was mroe than assuaged to know, they safely reached town.

When I looked up, I could see Harriet closely examine her note from her husband with slightly more content (but no more information).
As women, we had to sit it out and wait and as far as I made out of Harriet's remarks over breakfast, she hoped the 'gentlemanly manner' in which her Clive had promised (as had Lord C) to deal with her brother, didn't include anything violent.
I had not until that moment thought of this possibility and Lord C's potential involvement into such gentlemanly manners and it struck me, that Frederick might have lost his life in a duel. I noticed a funny prickle inside my stomach and wondered if I feared for my husband's life...

(Harriet did fear for Clive, I don't doubt it. But I don't think it appropriate now to talk this over with her. It wouldn't do any good...)


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