August 14th, 1763


Morning - when I woke up, the weather promised our almost immediate departure from Brackenthwaite. I longed to get on and towards Cresford. Harriet must be craving for her Clive. I am curious how she will proceed with her brother. Jeremiah instead understood it to remind me of the meeting with the rest of my family. I haven't thought of that at all. All I had thought of was the mystery about Harriet's family. Now I am anxious. I do not wish to face them. Not entirely because I haven't answered their letters, but being a guest in their house won't make it easier to run from their curiosity and constant inquiries after my marriage life. Oh, my Lord! Mrs P is with child again and it will make her an insufferable companion! - I have to persuade Lord C to stay somewhere else. But where!? Or to leave posthaste?

The carriage is ready, we're leaving.

Night - It was somewhat relieving to finally reunited at Cresford. The journey thither was so quite and tense, that I longed for fresh air and a walk. Harriet literally jumped into Mr O's arms and was clearly happy to have her husband back without any duel with her brother. I wasn't sure about an upcoming duel between her and Maxwell, but the outcome wouldn't be that surprising. My dear friend tortured her brother with her eyes. I wouldn't pity him anyway.

I had a room next to Lord C, who very eagerly helped me out of the carriage. After I had changed we all met again for dinner, but I wasn't in the mood for much talking. There weren't many details about what happened between the families that I didn't knew yet. The only thing I was longing for was exercise. - Jeremiah looked after Maxwell, and Lord C and I took the opportunity for a walk with the Osbertons. They were a bit behind us; I must have been quite fast. Even Lord C, though quiet, had not expected this briskness.


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