August 9th, 1763

Jeremiah arrived today on horseback. He vouched he stopped at an Inn last night and is quite well, but he is doubtless exhausted. At first it was awkward to have him at our home, but after he had some luncheon and refreshed himself for a while upstairs, he joined me in the music room and chatted eagerly about our family back home, his little son and annoying wife. He seriously confessed his dislike on her temper when with child. Outrageous! But he's my brother, my dear Jeremiah... And on the other hand I wondered why he is annoyed with her moods only when pregnant; I think her insufferable all the time.

Mama and Papa are well; that I know, I get regular accounts on that (together with endless inquiries on my 'state'). J and Mrs P visited Patsy, but stayed not for long, as it was unbearably noisy and chaotic. He hadn't seen Violet since I married and can only suppose her well and very occupied with partying at friend's houses here and there and staying at all possible fashionable places all over the country.

He finally went on to the topic most interesting to me: what they were achieving in town and Harmondsworth. When they finally encountered Harriet's brother, they were surprised to find him in utterly unexpected circumstances. J didn' t give me details on how exactly unexpected they were but asked me to be patient as my husband wanted to - how did he put it? - protect me. Now I am surprised. What have I to do with it to need protection!? He is Harriet's brother and I would think her and her family the first to be affected by his actions and conduct... Jeremiah is not very gifted in distracting my curiosity. His tale had quite the opposite effect. But I'll be tame and wait for Lord C to explain it once and for all and after that, I want:

1) return home as soon as possible
2) don't waste any thought on Frederick and Max any more and
3) making efforts in attaining my husband's friendship


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