December 21st, 1762

Mother wanted to talk to me this morning, but father had her silenced, which was very awkward at that particular moment. He had never done that before. This time, it was he himself, taking me aside, stroking my hand and looking very serious. I was not sure, if I had done anything wrong. I might have been a little to merry the past days. - Although I can´t understand why I shouldn´t be, so happily escaped from my lot.
However, my father seemed a bit out of sorts, his spirits quite low, actually. I wondered all the time, what he wanted to say. It never struck me, that it still had to do with Lord C. - And worst of all, not even the dead one, no! The new Lord, the younger brother. This tall dark figure, who came to our London house a couple of days after his brother´s demise. I had not really looked at him; he just took my hand and condoled me and I condoled back. Well, his loss must be worse than mine.
Father questioned me, if I could imagine to marry after all. I told him, no and he dropped the matter.


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