Letter to Harriet Osberton

Wortham Hall, March 18th, 1763

Dearest Harriet,

thank you for your charming letter and the book. I already started reading it and thought at first you are trying to tease me with it. But it turns out, Pamela is quite agreeable and pious, whereas I loath Mr. B and his schemes. He just imprisoned her with this odious housekeeper. I think you like these dramatic stories, Harriet, but I can´t find anything rewarding in reading this, than be more encouraged in my opinion that this marriage can´t be a good one.
How happy I am for you, that your neighbourhood is so pleasing. I so wish to visit you, but won´t be able till after the wedding. My parents surely won´t allow me to go anywhere before it and I daresay, that it will be very difficult once I am married. So we have to wait to see us again when we´re both in London next season. Lord C. has a very fine town house and it will be exceedingly comfortable not to have to rent one. There again, you would enjoy watching Mrs. P. being overly envious. - She keeps a friendly countenance when we´re together, but I guess she´s literally pining for my departure to Leyland.
We are actually going there at the beginning of April. I don´t know exactly for how long, but probably for a week or so. I´ll send you word when I know more, but Mother is quite secretive about it. But the wedding date is still set for mid-May. How I wish you could be there. I long to see you and talk to you in person.
How happy it makes me, that your dear Mr. Osberton loves and esteems you so much! It gives me great pleasure to know, that your love and confidence for each other will surely carry you two even through the heaviest hours. - How far are you with getting rid of the dust? I always thought you liked this romantic and picturesque idea of an old house full of books and timber worms!? Please tell me all of your new home, the garden, the small park you were marvelling at in your last note. I´m craving for your next message and remain

yours affectionately



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