Letter to Mr F. Littledale

42 Queen Sq, November 6th 1762


Dear Friend! I am back home now and stay in town at my brother's house. I hope you're well and enjoy being reunited to your family. I plan to go back to Leyland in a couple days to bid farewell to my father. Until then I try to meet with some old friends here in London and even to accompany my brother when he's out and about. He's the same as ever and except being not physically altered he's the worst rake in town. I am not back a week and already heard about his gambling and a mistress. Last night we went to a ball together. His purpose of dragging me there was to introduce his intended bride! For sure, Flynn! My brother wishes to marry. He of all people. He was scheming this little project for quite a while. That I knew instantly. He's friends with HER brother, whom he had met during the summer. And now he had pursued that girl for some weeks. The parents seem enchanted. Well, he's charming. At least for those who won't look past his perfectly well acted fascade. The girl is an angel for what I perceived. But a country girl. At first she seemed shy but during the course of the evening I discovered her being bored and annoyed with society. Not in general, but I daresay she detests town. Well, not just town! She didn't seem to like Fred at all. But her parents wouldn't see it. The brother is suspicious though and I pondered to talk to him, but my brother, stage director that he is, made an spectacle out of asking Ms P to become his wife. Not directly, yet speaking aloud in front of the parents and brother of intending to wed, while glancing meaningfully down at her. The poor thing turned crimson, the mother speechless and the brother pale. Only the father kept appearances and nodded. Fred is now paying them a call and no doubt speaking to the father. She is lost, I am afraid and will be made most unhappy.

I will let you know of my whereabouts and the time of going home.

My regards to your excellent father!




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