February 5th, 1763

Harriet came to visit me today and stayed for dinner. I have to keep her as much as possible near me before she leaves at the end of the month. Her parents are the happiest people. Mother quite out of sorts, that my friend is getting married before me. She reproached me for being so stubborn as to not being happy about my own engagement. Well, I´m certainly not engaged, for I wasn´t asked; but I´ll get married anyway. We will go to Leyland in April, before that I won´t see my fiancĂ©.
I´ll be Harriet´s maid of honour and we were talking for hours about her beau, who seems to be quite what she wants in her companion. He´s well-read, she said, and has many writer-friends he wants her to meet. They´ll have a fine circle, I daresay. She´s going to be happy, and I´m envious. What a bad friend I am!


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