November 5th, 1762

The moment I spotted her, I knew it was my brother's fiancée. And I knew she was the worst choice my brother had decided for; he would make her most unhappy and I cannot imagine her parents being ignorant of his conduct.
I wasn't the only one, who didn't liked the way he looked at her, the lady herself obviously abhorred the thought of him. I could see very clearly that she felt uncomfortable in his company and averse to his flirtations; Fred never did well at it in polite society. Genteel ladies always detested his ways.
Her parents wasted her to him, no doubt. He can't possibly feel anything for her, unless her dowry is large enough to attract him; still, tempted to end up marrying for money... he must be desperate. Why her parents seem to be eager to marry her off, I cannot fathom. Only the brother seems to suspect some inconsistency in his behaviour in general. Fred is not a charmer, he's a gambler.

Should I do something?


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