November 9th, 1762

I am so relieved to have had Becky for company tonight. She sent a missive this morning and invited herself to dinner. Patsy has gone into the country because of one of her children being ill. Violet has just returned from Bath to stay in town for couple of weeks before going back to see to her babe. But she won't be any help as it will be her chief concern to get entertained as much as possible during her stay. She will be out and about anyway. Mama is quite put out of her not bringing her grand-child, but father spoke in a most meaningful voice of her duty to look after me... After the first morning call we received Lord C visited and took me and J for a ride in his new coach. In the park we met his younger brother, who was on horseback and had searched Lord C for quite a while. I thought them to stay at the same house!? What a strange family!

Becky came early and we excused ourselves locking us up in my chamber. She told me of Lord C's general popularity amongst our sex but admitted not liking his pomposity. She too knew of him gambling a great deal. It was comforting to have her at my side and though we could not touch the topic at dinner – mama doesn't know of anything – my family left me in peace of anything concerning the engagement. I sincerely hope father will allow me to end it.


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