November 9th, 1762

After I heard at the club of Fred's engagement, I waited for him at home to hear the news from himself. But he didn't show up all night and after breakfast today I decided to ride in the park. There I spotted him, with his fianceé. I had no idea he had father's carriage replaced and the ostentatiousness of his new vehicle suits him perfectly. Ms Porter looked misplaced in it and her unassuming demeanour contrasts with Fred's boastfulness. He introduced her to me again, as if our meeting at the ball on Friday hadn't happened or completely escaped his memory. She blushed at his obliviousness and greeted me in a very reserved manner. As I was on horseback and they in the carriage (accompanied by her brother), I didn't linger on and arranged to have dinner with my brother. I am still waiting for him to come home and will eat alone now. I am not at all in the mood to go out.


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